16-19 Bursary

Two types of bursary are available if you are aged 16-18 at the start of the academic year. 

  1. Vulnerable bursaries are available to students who are:
    • Currently in Local Authority care or a recent care leaver
    • In receipt of income support in your own name or
    • In receipt of both Employment Support Allow and Disability Living Allowance.

    This bursary is worth up to £1200 bursary per annum (pro-rata for courses shorter than a full academic year). 

  2. Discretionary bursaries are available to students who live in households with an income of less than £30,000 or in receipt of benefits. How much you receive will depend on remaining funding and may be subject to change throughout the year. To qualify for these you must be either:
      • You / your partner / parents / guardians / carers must be in receipt of a benefit (Universal Credit/ Income Support / Job Seekers Allowance / Housing Benefit / Council Tax Benefit / Working Tax Credit / Employment Support Allowance)


    • You must live in a low income household (total household income of less than £30,000 in the last tax year). 

Successful applicants who apply in the first term will be entitled to a one-off initial payment followed by regular payments spread throughout the year based on meeting 90% attendance. We do not take into account your overall attendance for the year - each weekly payment period is considered separately. 

Applicants who applied in the second or third terms will be entitled only to payments commencing in the term in which they applied and will not be entitled to any back payments for previous terms.

Care to Learn

Care to Learn can assist young parents aged under 20 with the costs of registered childcare, and travelling expenses to and from your childcare provider.

If you are a young parent starting a new course in September, you can claim up to £175 per week towards the cost of Ofsted registered childcare.

There are no restrictions on the number of hours per week you study, or on the length of the course you take. Payments can cover the periods you are studying in college, and may also be paid during the holidays to retain your place if your course continues the following year. The money is paid directly to the registered childcare provider.

For further information on how to apply, please visit Care to Learn.