student union

All students automatically become members of the Students’ Union (SU) when they enrol at the College. The SU works closely with the college Principals and CEO and helps make important decisions facing the college. They also organise events and leisure activities including football, basketball and other clubs, and take part in national campaigns. Members can apply for an NUS card which qualifies them for discounts at various cinemas, shops and restaurants.

The SU Executive Committee is made of elected student representatives. We have four executive committees across the college based at each site, working together to ensure that your voice is heard. The Executive members are elected to voice your opinions about the College and its facilities. Students can apply for positions such as President, Student Governor, Equality and diversity officer and Women's officer in elections that take place in mid-September each year.

Meet your Student Union Representatives

Hammersmith & Fulham College

  • President - Sapphire Dhaliwal, Health & Social Care Level 3
  • Treasurer - Ilham Mohamedl, Health & Social Care Level 3
  • Deputy for Activities - Shaima Deen, Public Services Level 3
  • Deputy for Wellbeing - Sekima Ochacho Mohammed, Health & Social Care Level 3
  • Deputy for Equalities - Caitlin O'Boyle, Health & Social Care Level 3
  • Deputy for Education - Omed Ahmed Hawrami, ESOL 1618
  • Governor of FE - Deana Badawy, A-Levels 

Ealing Green College

  • President - To be confirmed
  • Vice President - Hayfaa Abdalla, A-Levels
  • Treasurer - Tione Egbor, A-Levels
  • Deputy for Activities - Mi-Cah Maglorie, A-Levels
  • Deputy for Activities - James Dineen, A-Levels
  • Deputy for Wellbeing - Abdiwahab Hersi, A-Levels
  • Deputy for Wellbeing - Christina Papanikola, A-Levels
  • Deputy for Equalities - Jale Alkino, A-Levels
  • Deputy for Education - Xhensild Berisha, A-Levels

Acton Construction & STEM Centre

  • President - Malcolm Farell, Site Carpentry Level 2
  • Assistant President - Lee Bevan, Electrical Level 3
  • Treasurer - Mostafa Yabari, Motor Vehicle Entry 3
  • Deputy for Activities - Thomas Watson, English for Work & Study Level 1
  • Deputy for Education - Nasrin Jalkhi, ESOL Level 1

Southall Community College

  • President - Ervina Ahmed, Business Level 3
  • Treasurer - Fathima Sahra Mohammed, Pathway to Business & ICT Level 1
  • Deputy for Activities - Elisha Bains, Business Level 3
  • Deputy for Wellbeing - Ranusan Manoharathas, ESOL 1618
  • Deputy for Equalities - Fatema Salman, Caring for Children Level 1
  • Deputy for Education - Jathusa Karnan, Business Level 2