Mission, Vision and Core Values

The College’s Mission, Vision and Core Values are as follows:



To inspire learning and improve lives through education, training and skills development that supports social and economic success for our students,businesses and communities across West London.



To be the leading college in West London for technical and vocational education and skills training.


Core Values

Our mission and vision are backed up by our core values:

Ambition: We will strive to be the best in all areas of strategic importance to the College,enabling our learners, employers and staff to achieve high expectations and ambitious goals.

Integrity: We will be open, honest, fair and respectful, doing what we believe is right and will lead to success for our learners, employers and the College.

Accountability: We will all take personal responsibility for driving success, overcoming barriers and finding solutions. We will be constantly learning and developing.

Inclusion: We will be welcoming, supportive and our commitment to equality and diversity will underpin everything we do.