Correctly submitting all the different pieces of your college application may seem complicated, but a little organisation and attention can go a long way.

You can apply to colleges online or by post, whichever you choose following this advice can help smooth the application process.


Step 1: Getting organised

Know your deadlines
Find accurate application deadline information and mark these deadlines in your calendar.
Set deadlines for completing application forms, speaking to tutors and collecting recommendations, we suggest a few weeks before they are required.

Be thorough
Using the exact same name and information in all your forms makes things easier.
Provide all requested information, do not leave blanks and be thorough.

After finishing your applications check it over and ask a teacher or parent/guardian to proofread your it.
For online applications, save and review before you submit them.

Be honest
Admissions staff will verify the information you provide, so don't exaggerate your accomplishments. Honesty is always the best policy.

Alert your school
Make sure to let your tutor and school know to which colleges you are applying to so they can send along your transcripts.


Step 2: Sending your application

Don’t wait
Online materials and paper applications should be submitted a couple of weeks before they are due, this allows time for delivery and processing.

Keep copies
Make a copy of each piece of each application, save personal identification numbers, passwords and notes or emails from admissions officers. This can help you sort out any problems that may arise during the process.

Submit once
When you apply online you usually receive an automated response saying your materials have been received.
If you don’t contact the college’s admission office, don’t apply again or mail in another application before you have spoken to the admissions office.

Get confirmation
If you send applications by post use recorded delivery if possible. If you get a notice saying something is missing don’t panic, just call the admissions office and calmly ask what steps you can take.


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