Learning Resource Centres

There are three full-service Learning Resource Centres located at Hammersmith & Fulham College, Ealing Green College, and Southall Community College, providing an excellent range of learning materials to support students and staff in finding the resources and information needed for their courses.

Our Learning Resource Centres aim to provide a service that fully supports students with their studies and additional needs. We provide a variety of traditional library resources, including books, DVDs and a huge range of electronic resources that include e-books and online subject relevant journals.

Online resources can be accessed via the Student Portal. The Learning Resource Centres offer inductions to the systems and facilities, as well as study skills and research sessions. All students who are enrolled at the College are entitled to use the Learning Resource Centres.


The Learning Resource Centres provide MFDs for printing, photocopying, and scanning. There are also binding machines, staplers, and hole punchers.

There is a range of stationery available for sale, including the basics - pens, pencils, notebooks, and binders, as well as Math sets and scientific calculators, Math and English revision and workbooks - all at very low prices.


As well as the wide selection of printed resources that include books and journals, the WLC Learning Resource Centres also provide access to numerous e-resources. The portfolio of e-books is constantly updated with new titles provided by our partners, and students have access to e-journals by leading universities and research groups including SAGE and Oxford University journals. There is a range of sector-specific resources covering curriculum areas delivered at the College.

There is a range of specialist resources for most subjects, including maths and English (Citizen Math) and career resources (Career Coach), Engineering (ICE)

The Learning Resource Centre team ensures that all online resources are available for students to access on and off-site 24 hours per day. These resources can be accessed on any device anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

Curriculum Liaison and Student Support

The Learning Resource Centres work closely with curriculum areas and have regular meetings and contact to ensure that the needs for curriculum resources are met. There are specific staff members for each curriculum area, who know the resources available for individual subjects and areas the best and can provide the best information and guidance for both students and teachers.

Staff are always on hand to assist students who need assistance with using the LRC resources and/or with their own work.

Academic Enhancement

Our Academic Enhancement Programme is a new programme for Higher Education students to equip them with the skills necessary to optimise their learning and maximise their academic achievement. It teaches them crucial academic skills, including critical thinking, Harvard referencing, and plagiarism.

HE staff and students are able to book group or one-to-one sessions with a Learning Facilitator, and the sessions themselves are tailored to the individual needs of the student or group. Students have the opportunity to learn about the necessary academic skills, as well as through practical exercises.

Students can learn more about the Academic Enhancement Programme through their HE teachers who are all familiar with the programme and can book sessions for them.

The Academic Enhancement Programme is based at the Hammersmith & Fulham College Learning Resource Centre.


The Learning Resource Centre team organises events throughout the year, which includes special celebrations, guest speakers, live streaming (e.g. Streaming of Holocaust Memorial Day), as well as theme days. Popular repeat guests include Alim Kamara, motivational speaker and storyteller, and award-winning poet Anthony Anaxagorou.

The Learning Resource Centre organises "The Reading Ahead Challenge", which is a popular initiative that encourages students to read 6 books, rate and review them and have the chance to be entered into a prize draw. This has been running for two years and traditionally attracts a large number of participants. All participants are entered in the Reading Agency’s National Prize Draw.

There are always displays in the Learning Resource Centres depicting special days, months or other celebrations including International Women’s Day, St George’s Day, Black History Month, LGBT Month, Holocaust Memorial, Autism Awareness Week, Healthy Living Week, National Careers Week, Eid- Al Hada to name a few.

Feedback from students is encouraged and this can be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the forms available in the Learning Resource Centres.