You have the prospectus, visited the college at an Open Day and have asked all the questions you had. Now comes the tricky part, making a decision.

We have created a list of questions for you to think about after coming home from an open day visit.

Questions to ask yourself

  • How does the college compare to other colleges you have visited?
  • Does the course cover your specific interests and needs?
  • Do you think you will receive enough support if you go to study there?
  • Will you be able to travel to college and around the local area easily?
  • Can you picture yourself being happy there?

Next steps

  • Create a list of pros and cons about the college
  • Remember to take into consideration what you liked and dislike about it
  • Discuss with friends and family often another’s perspective can help you get clarity
  • When you reach a decision APPLY for your chosen course

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