Across all of our Colleges we have an extensive range of academic and recreational facilities to give you the opportunity to make the most of your studies as well as your time off.

The Learning Centre

There are learning centres located at each college providing an excellent range of learning materials to support student and staff in finding the resources and information needed for their courses. We aim to provide a service that fully supports students with their studies and additional needs. We provide a variety of traditional library resources, including books, DVDs and huge range of electronic resources including online subject relevant magazines, online training packages and offer support in using the facility. The College subscribes to a wide range of online resources which you can access via the Student Portal. We also offer inductions to the network and learning centre facilities and at times offer study skills and research sessions. All students who are enrolled at the College are entitled to use the learning centre.

IT Facilities

You will be able to use our top-of-the-range computers to aid you with your course and have access to a number of additional benefits including the Internet, your own College email account, CD-ROMS and the latest software packages. A full introduction to the computing facilities and the Student Portal will be given when you enrol. The Student Portal is an innovative system which provides you with all the latest bulletins that will affect your life at college, including College policies, timetable and attendance information, student services and benefits.

Multi-faith Prayer Room

All staff and students have access to a quiet, multi-faith prayer room where they can practice private worship.


You can choose from a large selection of main dishes, salads, cakes and sweets, most of which are homemade in our Cafeteria. We offer a varied assortment and try to cater for all dietary needs. The Cafeteria makes an excellent place to socialise and is available to all staff and students throughout the day and into the evening.

Please note there is no Cafeteria at Acton Construction & STEM Centre.

Student Common Room

Outside of classes and tutorials, you can unwind with friends in the Common Room, which is specifically for student use and is equipped with various snack machines, a table tennis table and a pool table.

See other additional facilities at our Hammersmith and Fulham and Southall Colleges.