Working Practice

The College encourages the sharing of best practice within the organisation as we strive to develop and maintain good working systems.

Senior managers hold regular consultations with staff to ensure good two-way communication and effective dissemination of information.

The College is also committed to employer engagement and working in partnership with local communities to ensure that we serve our local areas as effectively as possible to guarantee growth and a high quality service.

College Ethos

West London’s Way is demonstrated through the College values of Excellence, Ambition, Focus, Accountability, Inclusion and Integrity. We strive to improve lives through, education, training, skills and development, and foster social and economic success.

Staff Appraisals

We are committed to a formal appraisal process. All staff are annually appraised and in support of this all managers will be trained in carrying out effective appraisals. Your annual appraisal is the mechanism for raising the quality of teaching and learning in the College and to provide staff with both personal and professional development. It is a continuous process, which builds upon any previous appraisal records. Appraisals operate in a climate of mutual trust and respect where equal opportunities also play a fundamental and integral role in this confidential process.

Equality & Diversity

Our aim is to ensure that we create an open and inclusive learning and working culture in which all diverse backgrounds are treated with respect and dignity where everyone feels valued and can achieve their aspirations and goals. Through our "West London's Way" strategy and strict Equal Opportunities Policy we are committed to providing for all students and staff.

College Life and Activities

We offer a wide range of health and wellbeing initiatives including external resources such as the Health Matters Assistance Programme.

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