Abdulrahman moved to the UK from Somalia in 2014; he started his journey at West London College doing an Entry 1 ESOL course at Acton Construction & STEM Centre, successfully progressing to a Level 3 course in Creative Media Production at Ealing Green College.

“Although moving to the UK was a big change for me, I decided to take it as an opportunity to be the best I can be and to make the most of the opportunities I am presented with. The College has been a great platform to do this. During my four years at college, I’ve participated in voluntary initiatives like the Student Action for Refugees, Coram Young Citizens and People & Planet student network where I attempt to make a difference by supporting newly arrived asylum-seeking young people at the college and champion for social and environmental justice.

“I really enjoy the welcoming environment and noticeable atmosphere of diversity in every corner of the College, I have made friends with people from all over the world and grown in tolerance, respect and humility.

“In my current course, I continue improving my communication, teamwork and organisational skills and have developed a clear understanding of the Media industry. Also, being able to use state-of-the-art media equipment and the Live TV studio at Ealing Green College has increased my confidence in my media production abilities.”

Abdulrahman has developed fluency in English, improved his interpersonal and presentation skills and progressed steadily from Entry 1 ESOL to a Level 3 course in Creative Media. He participates in community work and volunteering initiatives to help his fellow students at College and continues to work hard and remain motivated to progress in his studies to achieve his career goals.

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