Aspiring to climb the Corporate Ladder

Before the course...
Previously I was studying Food and Beverage Level 1 at Hammersmith College in the Taste Restaurant.

I had the chance to learn, develop and practice the skills and knowledge required for employment and/or career progression in the hospitality sector.

On the course...
After completing the Food and Beverage Level 1 course I knew I wanted to get a job in hospitality. Working at the Taste restaurant I knew it would be very difficult for young people with additional learning and health needs like me to find employment so I thought this would give me chance to prove myself in a real life working environment whilst being supported along the way.

Lots of aspects of the project search course relate to the work I would have to do within the industry. I work Monday to Friday and wear the Hilton uniform. Each term I work in a different department of the hotel e.g. housekeeping, front of house, maintenance, meeting and events, gardening, laundry, restaurants etc. I work 4 days a week and spend one day a week doing classroom based activities to improve my social and independence skills and understanding of what employers want.

Throughout this course I have learnt to be more independent, confident and dealing with different people has helped build my communication skills. Getting the chance to meet with Hilton staff to learn about who they are and what they do helped me feel more relaxed and confident about what I would be doing.

If I was ever unhappy, worried or scared about something the staff and tutors are always here for us. I have termly reviews to assess what we have achieved and to set our personal goals for the next term.

EHWLC has been great especially the staff who are really lovely and caring and they are always there to help you. You will make loads of new friends who you will keep in touch with after you have finished your course.

The next steps...
When I finish this course I'm going to continue to push myself up the corporate ladder and show other people with learning difficulties and epilepsy that they can achieve their ambitions if they work hard.